Application design

I can give advice about many process applications for membranes. The advice is based on 4 decades of using plate & frame membranes, spiral wound membranes and ceramic membranes in all sorts of processes. This kind of advice is impossible to find in literature since companies tend to consider all the information confidential.

Plant design

I can give general advice about how to build membrane systems. Plan design is not difficult, but there seem to be a lack of understanding how to build multistage, continuously operating systems. There seems also to be a lack of understanding of the differences between a single pass water system and a multistage recirculation system.

The design of water desalination plants is quite standardized, but even in this case there is room for improvement in ways very few realizes.

A key factor in plant design is the ability to calculate the effect of the design. I have specialized spreadsheets where calculations do not follow the same principles as the big commercial programs from DOW, Hydranautics etc. These programs are in reality made by one man, so it is a small wonder that they follow the same principles.

The formulae I use were developed decades ago by my wife, Connie Wagner. The formulae are available, but mostly unknown and maybe not understood by many process engineers who seem to prefer brute force computing (iteration) rather than an elegant formula.