General information

General comments to Downloads

About spreadsheets. The spreadsheets and papers mentioned in Downloads can be freely downloaded, and they are all written by Jorgen Wagner.
They are technical and they demand membrane process knowledge. There is between little and no help built in.
The spreadsheets (XLS/XLSX/XLSM) are easy to install and difficult to keep in good shape. There may be a simple password protection on cells except for those where data input is needed. If you mess up a sheet the best is probably to download it again.
The spreadsheets are written in Microsoft Excel. If the extension is XLSX/XLSM then it is Office 2007 or newer.
NOTICE! There are active macros (made with VisualBasic for EXCEL). Consequently you must enable macros (and ignore the MS warnings) to run the sheets.

About Errors. There may be errors in formulae and in the papers. But none are known to me in this moment. If errors are reported I can mostly fix them fast. Please report problems, errors, error messages, wishes to programs etc to

EXE-files (based on VisualBasic code) have been removed and maintenance discontinued, since it is so much easier for me to maintain a spreadsheet. The modern type spreadsheets have functions which makes them as powerful as EXE programs.

The papers are written in several office programs. Open Office, WordPerfect and MS Word and published in PDF format.

All files have been ZIP-ed to ensure faster download and to avoid problems with mail delivery. I am using 7-ZIP to ZIP (and to UNZIP) files.